[2015] Sandra Coceancic: European Contributions To The Formation Of Canada

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[2015] Sandra Coceancic: European Contributions To The Formation Of Canada

The French and British were always at war. They fought for land and power. In 1670, a company owned by the English, began to challenge the French for the fur trade(Hudsons Bay's Company). In 1713, the British won a success in Europe, Britan and France signed the Treaty of Utrecht. The French had to give up there forts around Hudsons Bay. In 1749, the British built the town of Halifax so they could defend themselves in case the French wanted to go to war.

By SandraCoceancic

Jean Talon

John Cabot


Samuel de Champlain

Jacques Cartier

7 Year War

Samuel de Champlain established the first successful French settlement in Acadia. He was considered the first governor of Canada, and was called the "Father of New France".

Jacques Cartier is credited with the European discovery to the entrance to Canada, the St. Lawrence river, and for claiming its shores for the king of France. He also traveled as far as Montreal. Jacques Cartier was the first to bring French language and culture to North America. As well as, the first to claim the land for France, which was then colonized as New France.

He was the first intendant in New France and was responsible for everything that involved making, selling, buying and trading products. Jean Talon developed fishing and fur trade so that the settlers could export seals, salmon and cod to France.

John CabotJohn Cabot was the first explorer to discover North America. This helped other explorers by showing them that there is new land that can be explored.

Before the 7 year war, the French took the greatest amount of territory in North America. The British blocked out the passage to the French land, so they had a chance to take over. At the end of the war, New France and Acadia were under British rule. But in 1763, France gave up it's colonial empire in North America.

European Contributions To The Formation Of Canada


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