European Competition

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European history

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European Competition

Who were the early world powers?

Why did early powers decline?

Topic: European CompetitionEQ: How did competition forresources affect therelationships amongEuropean nations?

Portugal:-Discovers Brazil sailing south around tip of Africa to find India -Dominant force in Indian Ocean -Early Monopoly on Spice Trade Spain: -New World Colonies extracted for wealth: gold-Plantation system -Slavery Treaty of Tordesillas:a treaty between Spain and Portugal that moved a territorial line 270 leagues west, to 370 leagues west of Cape Verde.

Dutch send own ships to Indian Ocean: Dutch East Indies Company -Soon dominant in Spice Trade -Dutch East Indies Company had virtual Monopoly on spice Islands of Indonesia

How did the Dutch East Indies Company shift power?

Spain and Portugal very wealthy in 16th century from New World gold -Spent money on wars and luxuries -Did not have to make things: could buy them -Did not have to improve agriculture: could buy food -Eventually money ran out -Italy was a renaissance center of trade and manufacture

How did the British rise?

-British pirates: better ships, guns -American Colonies: settled by dissidents to start a new life -Britain ahead of Europe in • Textiles• Iron• Coal• Agriculture• Roads• Freedoms-Set up trade in India• Despotic and corrupt Mogul Empire in India ignores British gains• British soon control India• Export cotton from India to Britain• Machine cotton spinning in Britain starts industrial revolution• British empire expands: Africa, Asia, Australia


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