European Colonization and Slavery

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European Colonization and Slavery

Triangular Trade

From the 16th to early 20th Century many European nations built vast empires primarily on the continents of North America and Africa. The early part of this colonial era was characterized by the slave trade, while the latter part was marked by the exportation of raw materials to the mother countries from Africa.

"Triangular Trade" is the term used to describe the Atlantic Slave trade in the colonial era. Europe (Britain) would send manufactured goods to West Africa, West Africa would then send slaves to the Americas, and the European mother countries would export agrian goods wrought by slaves from their American colonies.

Religious Fervor

Many European countries justified their colonialism by expressing a need to Christianize the so-called uncivilized peoples of lesser developed countries.

End of Colonialsm

European colonialism ended after World War II when most European countries were devestated regardless of their position in the war's outcome.

European Colonozation & Slavery


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