European Christianity

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European Christianity

European Christianity

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Christianity started spreading across Europe. It was led by Christian groups that believed and promoted Christian beliefs. Christianity didn't spread beyond the Mediterranean area. Priests and monks would travel as missionaries across Europe to teach others and convert them to Christians if they desired.

During the early times of the church, men chose to study and pray on a daily basis. Benedict of Nursia was a monk who went to a missionary in 529 to discover strict rules from a missionary that he shared and spread across Europe. The church gathered and stacked up the elements to build up Christianity and it spread across Europe and converted alot of other civilizations into Christians like the Irish. And then the Irish spread the word to England and most of them were later converted into Christians.

Christians looked upon themselves as a new race.

Their customs and language didn't change, only their beliefs.

The purpose of the Crusades was to provide security against enemies threatening the spiritual health of all Christendom and Christians as well. The impact of the Crusades made people want to fight for the protection of their beliefs and also so they can be free of any sins and as well as any material benefits. But they had to swear a vow. All this was authorized by the pope and was undertaken by God's command.

Missionaries brought a message of both hope and fear. The Church taught that humans were both weak and sinful. A sin was a violation of God's law. The devil is a spirit against God and he waited to scare people by doing sins to make him happy and make you go to hell to burn forever. But if you avoid that and follow God's light, have faith, and watch the sacraments, and his word, you will lead yourself to heaven.

What is Christianity?

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