European Christianity

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European Christianity

They all started with missionaries going around europe spreading the word,then in 597 Pope Gregory I decided to send people to southern England and this how it all started to spread.The church played a huge role in society in Europe because at the time they were the only church so they controlled the people who went to heaven and the ones that didn't.

European Chrstianity

The church also had enouh power that they dealed with all the money in the community.They were pretty much the government because if you were not in there religion they will kick you out,so they controlled who lived there,if you tried to go against them you would be killed for saying they were wrong.

The crusades played the role of keeping people in order and protect them, specially the religious ones.They were pretty much the body guards of the church,they made sure people obeyed and respected the church and the pope in any situation.


History 2

Impact of Crusades

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Currently the pope is Pope Francis, he is from argentina and his main message is to make sure people reflect on there life and spend time with our lord. The church with the longest time is the Roma Cathlic Church.



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