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Social Studies

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Examples of physical features: Italy has active volcanoes called Mount Aetna and Mount Vesuvius. The Alps mountain range runs through France, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. The Northern Lights can be seen on or north of the Arctic Circle in Norway.


Number of Countries: 46 countries Population: about 740 million people Languages: more than 200 spoken languages Area: 3,825,730 square miles Smallest Country: Vatican City Biggest Country: Russia

European Union

Europe was the central battleground for both World War I and World War II. As a result of these wars, many European cities were destroyed. Many members of the European population were killed and Europe lost a lot of money.

The destructive results of the wars initiated the creation of the European Union(EU). The purpose of the EU is to create strong bonds between the countries in Europe. Twenty eight countries in Europe belong to the EU and eighteen of these countries use the same currency called the Euro.

World Wars


Physical Features

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