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Euripides was a writer of ancient Greek tradgedies. He was one of the three greatest writers which included Sophocles and Aeschuylus.His first set of tragedies were presented in 554b.c. in the Great Dionysia. Although known as one of the most famous writers of Greek tragedies he was only given five awards throughout his life, one of them given after his death. He wrote 92 plays in his lifetime. His plays weren't admired by the Athenians because they didn't follow their values and ideas. his plays showed his own beliefs. He became a secluded man. Even at a young age he also had an interest in philosophy and ideas which also made an influence in his life and his way of writing. The tragedies he chose to write about brought out the evil in his society as well as in his own life. Later in his time, his life began to fall apart; his friends were being killed for their beliefs, and his wife had commited adultery.He was left alone. He was later tried by King Archalaus in Macedonia for the heresy he portrayed in his plays. He was later killed by the King's hounds.


480bc-birth 459bc -peliodes (first play)454bc-first performance442bc-first place award for his play416bc-Trojan women(first play about social issues)409bc-left home in Athens406bc-death(killed by hounds)

Euripides created 92 plays in his lifetime including the Bacchae and Medea. He won five awards over time for these plays. He created tragic writings about his personal life and social and public issues. he brought forth the issues in the government in a unique way. Euripides was one of the first to combine tragedy with a touch of comedy in the mix. he created such plays later in his life such as Helen. He became one of the three most famous Greek writers of tragedy including Sophocles and Aeschuylus.

Lasting Impact

Euripides style of writing helped put intrigue in writing tragedies. He also was the first to find the comedy behind a trgic story, almost like irony(Helen). He also opened up new ideas and ways of writing. his way of writing about society inspired others to take on the challenge as well.


Euripides,A writer of ancient Greek Tragedy



The Bacchae by Euripides


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