Eureka Stockade

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Eureka Stockade

On Sunday the 3rd of December 1854, the Eureka Stockade took place at Ballarat, Victoria involving miners and the gold commisioner. Miners are upset because the government made miners pay for a licence which cost 30 shillings a month to search for gold.

Day Of Battle

During BattleSaturday 2nd December the stockade was built and 1000 miners hid in the stockade.During the night nearly 800 miners left.Because Sunday was a day off work miners left to drink at the pub.But soldiers attacked in the middle of the night.Miners were ambushed and unprepared.Battle lasted 20 minutes and 22 miners and 8 soldiers died.Many lost their lives.

Days Before Battle

Events Leading To The StockadeMany miners on the goldfields were upset during the Eureka Stockade because of the decisions made by the government.Miners were upset because they had to pay 30 shillings for a gold licence but many did not find gold.Miners were also upset because of a murder by James Bentley.He murdered James Scobie when he asked for a drink.He went on trial but was found not guilty because he was friends with the police.Miners burnt Bentley's hotel witha sign of rage.However 3 miners were arrested.

All Is Well

SummaryThe Eureka Stockade was a big leap for miners.Diggers fought in a tragic and dangerous battle, but things changed for every because miners finally had their rights.Everyone was happy.


The Beginning


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