[2015] Raegan Barnett (6Science): EUKARYOTIC CELL (Plant Cell)

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Raegan Barnett (6Science): EUKARYOTIC CELL (Plant Cell)

THE MAIN PARTS OF PLANT CELLSome of the main parts of the plant cell are the nucleus, the cell wall, and the cell membrane. Nucleus- Control centerCell wall- the wall around the cell to protect itCell Membrane- it gives the permission for anything to enter or leave the cell

PLANT CELLGolgi Body-recieve materials from the endoplasmic reticulum and send them to other parts of the cell.Ribosomes-function as factories to produce proteins.Mitochondria-most of the cell's energy is produced within these rod-shaped organelle's

TYPES OF CELLAll living things are made up of cells. Some of the living things such as plants and animals have more cells. The plant and animal cells have many things alike and different. The two main types of cells are plant and animal cells.

This is my favorite tree, a cherry tree

ORGANELLESChoroplast- capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food for the cell.Cell Wall- the wall around the cell to protect it from anything.Central Vacuole-this is a sack in the cytoplasm that stores water, food, waste products, and other materials.

This is a picture of a nucleus.

By: Raegan Barnett



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