[2015] Eme Ridout (Reading, 5Science): Eukaryotic cell (Animal Cell)

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Eme Ridout (Reading, 5Science): Eukaryotic cell (Animal Cell)


This is a Saint Bernard. It is a breed of dog. It's main colors are brown, dark brown, black and white.

By: Eme Ridout

ALL ABOUT ANIMAL CELLAnimal cells make all parts of animals. Certain cells have certaian jobs. They help make food, get rid of waste, move things around, and make energy.

These are Saint Bernards running.

THE MAIN PARTS OF ANIMAL CELLThe main parts of an animal cell are the nucleus, the cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria, lysomes, vacuoles, Golgi body, and plasma.

ORGANELLESlysosome- they contain chemicals that break down food, partticles and worn-out cell parts.cell membrane- it protects and regulates what substances enter and leave the cell.centrioles- it helps for the spindle fibers that separate chromomsomes during cell division.

ANIMAL CELL vs PLANT CELLAnimal cells are like plant cells but are also different. Plant cells have cell walls and chloroplasts.


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