[2015] Mason Scholl (5Science, Reading): EUKARYOTIC CELL

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Mason Scholl (5Science, Reading): EUKARYOTIC CELL

THE MAIN PARTS OF PLANT CELLThe main parts of a plant cell are probably the nucleus, chloroplasts, and cell wall. Without the chloroplasts the cells wouldn't get as much energy. The nucleus powers the whole cell, and cell wall keeps things out..

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TYPES OF CELLCells are everywhere and in everything. The two cells that we are mainly talking about is the plant and animal cells. The plant cells are quite different from animal cells but they are still similar.

I love oranges! I like them because they are sweet and I've eaten them ever since I was a kid.

ORGANELLESThe chloroplasts capture energyCell wall is a stiff wall giving the cell a box-like shapeThe central vacuole stores water, food, and waste.

This is a dandelion. I like these because they blow in the wind.

BY: Mason Scholl



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