[2015] Samantha Hirner (4Science): Eukaryotic Cell

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Samantha Hirner (4Science): Eukaryotic Cell

THE MAIN PARTS OF A PLANT CELLCell Wall which provides structure and support for the plant.The Cell Membrane which determines what goes in and out of the cell.The Cytoplasm which is a gel like substance that fills the cell and is also where chemical reactions take place.The Nucleus is the brain of the call. It is surrounded by Nuclear envelopes and makes ribosomes. The Chloroplasts capture the energy from the sun and produce food which is also kn0wn as Photosynthesis.

THE MAIN PARTS OF A PLANT CELLThe Mitochondria which breaks down food into carbon dioxide and water-releases energy. The Ribosomes produce essential proteins. The Endoplasmic Reticulum which processes and transports materials through the cell. The Golgi Bodies which sort and package proteins and other materials. And finally the Vacuoles; plant cells often have a central vacuole that helps internally support the cell and the plant while filled with water.

My favorite plant is probably a cactus because of the way it survives and how it stores water. This cactus is round, but it still holds a lot of water to survive through the harsh desert conditions for a little while.

The Cactus Plant

ORGANELLESThe organelles that I have for you are Chloroplasts, Cell Wall, and Central Vacuole. The Chloroplast captures the energy from the sun and produces food, which is also known as photosynthesis. It is only found in plants and not animals. The Cell Wall provides structure and support. It is also only found in plant cells and not animal cells. The Central Vacuole stores water and other materials. This is also only found in plant cells.

Some important parts of a plant cell.

Picture By. Samantha Hirner


Central Vacuole

Cell Wall



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