Eugenio Gross

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Eugenio Gross

C/ Eugenio Gross

The head of the Gross Family, was born in Leer ( Germany ). He came to Malaga as a child in the late eighteenth century, accompanying his father who held the post of English consul. This Malagueño from Germanic roots would expand the family saga by creating " Federico Gross and Co." which was an exporter of products from the grown such as mineral salts. With stores in Plaza de Toros Vieja. 's, Gross continued to expand throughout the capital continuing business, but he remained settled in Malaga.

Eugenio Gross has recently been visited by Gross´s decendants, especially his "German cousins". They are setting an example for people to travel, be efficient and enterprising.



The history of this singular name is inserted into entrepreneurs , who would expand numerous businesses in our land giving an opportunity to many residents, in such an economically difficult time in our country , particularly in our city .

Many of them, about 400 , were able to meet in November 2005 at the Teatro Cervantes in our city, a reality thanks in part to this family. If Jorge Groos Heythe raised his head, he would not be disappointed by his legacy.Eugenio Gross Scholtz born on 14-07-1927 , acquired the land the " Rompedizo " which in the future would be part of the current Malaga Airport .


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