Eugene Schueller

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Eugene Schueller

I picked Eugene Schueller because he shows that any one can do anything if you just have confadence and believe. He made the first permanent hair color in his kitchen sink. I think that he is amazing because he went from someone small to a millionaire by working hard and not giving up. Over time he also launched his own women’s magazine, Votre Beaute, and promoted his Dop, the first mass market shampoo, in hair lathering competitions at French circuses.


Why ?

In 1945, L’Oréal launched the first cold permanent wave product. Oréol. So innovative with his marketing tactics, Schueller was awarded an advertising Oscar in 1953


Your text hereL'Oreal, chemist Eugene Schueller, invented the first sunscreen in 1936.


Holding the industry’s highest research and development budget with the largest cosmetology laboratories in the world, Eugene Schueller not only created the first major hair cosmetics company in the world, generating millions turned into billions over the years, but his name is established as forever known in fashion history.


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