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Eugene O'Neill

Eugene O'Neill was born into the theater. His father was a very sucessful actor who was always trailing with his wife. They never really stayed in one place, and Eugene was bron in a hotel. He spent his childhood traviling with his parents and growing up with the theater. He had a hard family life, with his mother as a drug adict and his parents differing religions. Eugene went to several boarding schools for education, and then attended Princeton Univerity for one year. After that, his life took a turn for the worse. He moved to New York, took up drinking, and even attempted suicide. During rehab, he began writing plays. This turned out to be very sucessful. Eugene won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1936. Long Day's Journey into Night was something he had written and consisted of many plays.

1888- Birth1906 - Enrolls at Princeton1907- Moves to New York1912 - Commits suicide and decides to start writting plays1920- First full length play Beyond the Horizon preformed on Broadway and wins Puiltizer Prize 1922- Wins another Puiltizer Prize for Anna Christie1928 - Wins third Puiltizer Prize for Stange Interlude1936- First and only person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature1953- Death

Eguene O'Neill had written 50 plays and seen 35 of them in theater. One of his most sucessful plays, Long Day's Journey Into Night, was probably the best play ever written into America. Eugene had won three Puilizter Prizes and The Nobel Prize for Literature.

Egene O'Neill's play Long Day's Journey Into Night was one of the best American plays ever written.

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Eugene O'Neill


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