Eugene Delacroix

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Eugene Delacroix

Eugene Delacroix

His work emphasised colour and movement rather than clarity in outline and form, one of the reasons his art was so revoloutionary was as it was very different to the styles before him.

Ferdinand Victor Eugiene Delacroix was born in France, April 26, 1798. He was a revolutionary painter, whos themes were often revolution and independence. As a Romantic artist his work often also featured violent images of nature and aspects of mythology. Romantic Art was revolutionary as before this time art was confined to religious images and portraits.

His most recognised work was liberty leading the people (1830) shown above. It is commemorative of the July revolution in France in which King Charles X of France was dethroned. The woman leading the people is representing liberty as she carries the flag of the french revolution. She is also meant to represent a goddess and the mother of the people. The painting includes people of all social classes fighting, this is a factor making this painting so revolutionary.

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In 1832 Delacroix travelled to North Africa and as part of a diplomatic mission to morroco. He went mainly to study art. Many of his paintings were inspired by his experiences there.


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