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Who:*Euclid was born on 365 BCE in Alexandria, Egypt and died on 300 BCE.*He started out his life as a philosopher. *Euclid wrote his book in a library where papyrus was available.

When:*He lived during the 300 BCE's in the Hellenistic Period and Classical Period.*During the Hellenistic Period, there was much progress in architecture. *Many libraries were created in Athens.*During the Classical Period, Greek sculptures were made and inspired many societies such as Egypt to make sculptures.

What:*Euclid was known for his collection of books about geometry called, "The Elements." *His book is also known as, "The Elements of Geometry."*His book provided answers to geometric problems in the form of postulates.

Where:*He lived in Alexandria, Egypt and Athens, Greece.*He studied in a school called Plato.*Later on, he taught in Alexandria, Egypt.


How:*His book had right answers to geometric questions because Euclid proved that they were correct. *Euclid's book was the most comprehensive and logical examination of the basic principles of geometry.*It survived classical learning and it provided many geometric answers.

Why:*Euclid is influential to our world today because the way he used his logic and proved every geometric theorem tells us that his book is not wrong.*His work spread out to many societies including the United States. *Lastly, Euclid's book helped many people and high schoolers in many ways.

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