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Cell Biology

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-stimulates fruit ripening-induces leaf abscission-affects gravitropism-induces seed germination-stimulates biological aging


The ligand, ethylene, comes into contact with the protiens ETR1 and ETR2 on the cell membrane.

Faulty MechanismIf there is an absence of ethylene, then CTR1 is activated by the recptor molecules. This process will then bypass the signal transduction pathway.

Cellular and organismal response


Ethylene is a gaseous hormone that triggers the the protien that makes plants grow. This ripening agent varies in amount depending on the size of the fruit. When it is released it sends a signal to all the other fruits on the same plant to start growing

Correct MechanismWhen ethylene binds with ETR1, CTR1 becomes inactive. Which causes the activation of EIN2. This activates EIN3 in which ERF1 transcription is regulated causing a response.

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The current direction of research includes the discovery of a new pathway the ethylene can take with the us of the protien CRT1

by Christina Alvarez and Hannah Schell


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