Ethiopian Genocide

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Ethiopian Genocide

Ethiopian Genocide

Where is Ethiopia? Ethopia is an African country located on the west coast of africa on the "horn".

BackgroundThe Ethiopian genocide (Red Terror) was a violent political campagin between the communist regime lead by Mengistu Haile Mariam and a number of civilian groups all fighting for control over Ethiopia after Emperor Haile Selassie was displaced

CLASSIFICATIONMengistu classified the victim group for the first time in Mesqel Square. In the middle of the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa. He focused most of the hate towards Anuak tribe as well as the groups of civilians also known as"kebels" who were fighting him for control of Ethiopia. To futher promote hate and fear he smashed three bottles which alledgely had blood in them to show people what would happen to those who oppose him and his movement.

DEHUMANIZATIONThe Anuak people were treated as subhuman and were forced to move out of their native lands because they were of "no benefit" occupying the land that they were on making room for other colonies. Anuak children were excluded from schools and any opprotunities for higher education and all Anuak peoples women, children and men were forced to work.

PREPARATIONThe Ethiopian government systematically destroys all the remaining resources of the Anuak people in an attempt to force them to live in state designated farms and communities. All the strongest members of the commuity are "recruited" into the army and refusal brings a two year prison sentence. All the most able bodied women are taken to serve in military bands which leaves the community with women, children and the elderly. Therefore defenceless.

CURRENT SITUATIONMany of the refugees from Gambella who have survived trekking through the dense jungles and wild animal attacks are currently residing in the border towns of Sudan. They live in poor conditions and do not have sufficient shelter, beddin, food, water or clothing and many cannot find any emoployment. The Anuak people who also highly value education are also wanting to at least get a high school education but do not know where to seek assistance, Because of the genocide the Anuak people are now considered an endangered people by `Cultural Survival`an organization who partners with indigenous peoples to protect their land and customs. Mengitsu has also been found guilty of genocide. Unfortunately due to his friendship with Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe he is not currently serving his prison sentence because he is being given samcutary.

ORGANIZATIONThe Ethiopian Army burned and slaughtered any remaining resources of the Anuak to force those who refused to leave out. They also banned all Anuak traditions and marry the people to members of different tribes to further eradicate the Anuaks. The rapid disapperance of the Anuak population caused those of the Anuak tribe to refer to dissapearance as "death's little brother"

EXTERMINATIONThe government of Ethiopia did not kill those of the Anuak tribe like Hitler killed the Jews. The government forced all the most able bodied of the community into warzones often resulting in death or such serious injuries that when they returned home they could no longer help sustain the community. The government also killed the most educated to stop any opposition that might come up and married as many Anuak women to men that are not of Anuak descent. Traditions were banned and those who managed to escape their villages being burnt down and state designated farms felt to refugee camps or are left to squat and fend for theselves in the woods. It is estimated that by the end of this "Red Terror" that at least 30,000 Anuak's and members of the "kebels" were killed.

An appeal to world leaders to help stop Anuak genocide in Gambella, Ethiopia


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