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The 5 themes of Geography: Ethiopia

PlaceEthiopia has rivers,mountains and lowlands. The climate is different depending where you are. In the low lands, it is hot and dry. In the mountains the climate is cooler. Heavy rainfall happens in most of the country between June and August. The Ethiopia people are called somalis.The are 4.6 million Somalis. They speak many dialects but the main languages spoken are Semitic or Cushitic. The main religion is Christianity (in the highlands) and Islam (lowlands).Many animals and plants are found in Ethiopia. The animals that can be seen are cows, donkeys, and hens. The plants that are found are scrubs and dry grass.

H.E.IHumans affect Ethiopia in many ways. People grow different crops like: wheat, barley, and corn. They also raise animals to produce food such as cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys; horses and chickens. The resources that are mined are soil and gold.Humans also affect the country by building new things. People have built railways, roads and factories. Many trees had to be cut down in order to build these things so as a result, many animals are endangered.

LocationEthiopia is a country located in the northeastern part of Africa. The capital city is called Addis Ababa and its absolute location is 9,0300°n, 38.7400°e. The countries that border Ethiopia are: Digbouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan.

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MovementGoods, ideas and people are transferred by trains, air plane, cars and even by foot. Ethiopia s main imports are: Machinery, petroleum, products and manufactered good. It s main exports are: Coffee, oil seeds, and animal skin.

RegionEthiopia is part of a larger region called horn of Africa. It is located in the North east part of Africa and Sub sanara regien. Ethiopia is divided into Nine states. Ethiopia has a fropical climate and their language is Afro-Asiatic and Nilo-Sa haran. Ethiopia s government is federal republic and it and its political assembly is the federal parliamentary assembly. Finally, the majority of people in Ethiopia are either Christians or Muslims.


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