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Social Studies

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Democratic Republic of Ethiopia(Ethiopia)

Basic Facts:Capital- Addida AbabaPopulation- 96,633,458Life Expectancy- 62 (male) 65 (female)Type of government- Federal Republic

Basic Facts:Offical Languages- Oromo (33.8%) Amharic (29.3%)Major Religions- Ethiopian Orthodox Church (43.5%) Muslim (33.9%)Natural Resources- Gold, Copper, Platinum, Natural Gas, Hydropower, Coffee, and Oilseeds

Basic Facts:Name of Currency- BirrGDP- $118.2 billion (Purchasing Power Parity)Three Major Cities (By Population)- Addida Ababa: 2,757,729 Dire Dawa: 252,279 Mekele: 215,546 Nazert: 213,995

Ethiopia has recently accepted several students from South Sudan to go and study in their country. The students are going to study several subjects such as medicine, economics, and engineering. South Sudan says this is exactly the kind of relationship they want to have with their fellow countries.

Customs and Traditions1. Children are typically given their fathers fiirst name as their middle name.2. Greetings in Ethiopia are usually very warm. People greet each other with kisses on both cheecks and it is coonsidered proper to bow your head to elders.3. Strict dietary rules affect what Ethiopians eat, as many of them refrain from eating meat on all or certain days of the week.

Ebola-Ebola is a current issue in Ethiopia and the surronding nations of Africa. It has claimed millions of lives and several celebrities throughout the world and performing charity events in order to raise awarness and money.

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