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Social Studies

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The oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. Missionaries from Egypt and Syria introduced Christianity in the fourth century A.D.

Ethiopia is famous for its rock-hewn churches and ancient monasteries. They offer an unrivalled choice of experiences.


Holidays, customs, and celebrations: Christmas(Jan. 7), Epiphany(Jan.19), Birthday of the Prophet Mohammaed(Jan.24), Ethiopian New Year(Sept.11), Ethiopian Easter(May5), Id Al Fetir(Ramadan)(Aug 8)

Ethiopians use the old Julian calendar. There christmas is on Jan. 7th. Many people fast on Christmas Eve. They call Christmas Ganna. Twelve days after Ganna they start the three day celebration of the baptism of Jesus(Timkat).

Tej Ethiopian Honey Wine:White wine, honey, and water

Sauteed Lamb or beef:lamb or beef sirloins, garlic, olive oil, sweet onion, green hot peppers, red bell peppers ,salt ,butter, and a berbere spice mix

When they fast they only eat after 3pm. There church says no meat, fat, eggs, or milk. There are 250 days of fasting. There second most important holiday is ''Meskal''. Ethiopia has a large Muslim population.

Ethiopian Flatbread:self-rising flour, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, active dry yeast, and warm water.


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