Ethics & Student Support

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Ethics & Student Support

Objectives:(aligned with DPI's Professional Standards)1. Define ethcial dilemma2. Apply an ethical dilemma decision-making model3. Evaluate the process4. Meet the expectations of NC DPI's professional standards.

What did you think about:Your cases?Your code?Your model?Your process?Where there any differences in opinions within your group?Can you see this working in your own practice as a school RN, counselor, or SWKer?

School Nurses:NASNValues, Be, Do Model

Ethics & Student Support Services: Applying Decision-Making Models To Resolve Dilemmas

Guidelinesare simplyguidelines!

Ethical Dilemmas:What are they?Why do they happen?

"The time is always right to do the right thing."

Values:What are they?

Values vs.Ethics

Personal vs.Professional Values

School Counselors:ASCASTEPS Model

Our valuesALWAYSmatter!

School culturecan make adifference!


With your group:1. Read your case study2. Is there an ethical dilemma?3. If so, what is it?4. Use your model & code to reach a resolution.5. Be prepared to share with the group!

Summer Stanley, PhD, LCSWJosphine Chaumba, PhD2/20/2014

School Social Workers:NASWEssential Steps for Ethical Problem-Solving


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