Ethics and The Giver

by jennysfen
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Ethics and The Giver

Ethical Reasoning: Becoming more aware of our own beliefs and values

The Giver describes a community in which every person and his or her experience is precisely the same. The climate is controlled, and competition has been eliminated in favour of a community in which everyone works only for the common good.

After reading The Giver, consider some of the decisions Jonas had to make. What would you have done? Why? Click on the questions to respond.

In what ways do our differences make us distinctly human?

What advantages might "Sameness" yield for contemporary communities?

Is the loss of diversity worthwhile?

The creation of perfect or imaginary worlds is a frequent theme in literature and when authors explore issues of morality and conscience, it provokes the reader to reflect on their own beliefs and their responsibilities within a community.

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If you were to create a perfect world, what would it be like? How would it be different from our own community?

Who decides what is best for a community?

What would we have to give up in order to live in peace?

Should the 'collective good' outweigh the rights of an individual?

Can we ignore pain in order to live happier lives?

Is the pursuit of perfection a reasonable quest?

To what extent might we agree upon a Utopia?


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