Ethical Leadership Theories

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Ethical Leadership Theories

Ethical Leadership

Transactional leadership focus is on exchanges that occur between the leader and their followers. A few examples are candidates running for public office make promises in exchange for votes and managers offer promotions to employees exceeding sales goals (Northhouse, 2013).

Compare and Contrast Theories

Pesudo-transformation leadership is the transformational leaders' "evil twin". These leaders employ similar behaviors to influence their followers but are self-centered and use their power to munipulate to reach personal goals (Johnson, 2015).

Charles de Gaulle

Adolf Hitler

Mohandas Gandhi




Transformational is a process where a the leader engages with other to create a connection the resulting in raising the level of motivation and morality for the leader and the follower (Northhouse, 2013). Transformational leaders are alturistic, placing others needs ahead of their own, empower others, and have a shared goals focus (Johnson, 2015)


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