Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma

The Scenario

Ethical Dilemma:The Cheating Honor Student

What do we do when we encounter a student cheating? What if that student's record is immaculate otherwise? Should it make a difference?In this situation, how would a model teacher react?

A model teacher would react to this situation swiftly, though not without compassion. Such an educator would understand that there must be zero tolerance for such behavior; however, they would also strive to ensure that whatever reason the student was cheating was addressed and looked after. This behavior must be recognized and prevented in the future.

Exemplary Reaction

How does the model teacher act?

Characteristics of the Model Teacher:Compassion, Integrity, Self-Assessment, & High Standards

Inside the ClassroomTeachers should carry a professional behavior on the job and dress as a professional to set a good example for their students. Teachers should bring good behavior and attitude to the classroom so their students see a good role model. Teachers should keep their personal life outside of their job and not bring it to work with them. Teachers should be respectful to their student because their students look up to their teachers as role models. Teachers should have their classroom organized and well structured. Teachers should follow all the school and district's rules. Teachers must follow the standards of what and how they need to teach their students in their learning environment.

Outside the ClassroomThe first and foremost trait of a good role model is character. A good role model should lead by example with personal character such as morals and high standards. Outside of the school setting the teacher should be a law abiding citizen. Failing could reflect negatively on the teacher.A good role model must be mindful of how they spend their time. Volunteering their time to a good cause and actively participating in their community are worthy of being a role model. Taking classes and advancing their education is also a great way to spend their personal time.As a teacher you are held to higher expectations and almost under scrutiny--your actions must reflect that.


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