Ethical and Social Issues in Technology

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Ethical and Social Issues in Technology

Ethical and Social Issues in Technology Melia Dayley

Student Interactions

Computers, and all technology for that matter, should be treated as an extension of an individual including their thoughts and actions (Akcay, 2008).This affects the interactions students should have with classmates and teachers.

Recognizing Ethics

It appears that ethics are not valued across the board in schools and this lack of understanding can certainly cause more harm than good. Students revealed that they valued grades and time spent on assignments more than anything else, including ethics when doing assignments.(Lin, 2007)

Once a student is taught and understands the ethical use of technology then their social interactions including collaborative projects using technology, as well as face-to-face conversation becomes enriched and more meaningful. When the ethics are not understood, the social life of the student suffers. (Rosentrater and Balamkrishna, 2005).

Ethics atall times!

New Ways of Learning

Technology is not bad or immoral, it's just a shift from the previous way students were taught. This shift also affects the students, who are now being measured and taught under these new ethical and social agendas. Technology has influenced things that people would not intend on being affected. (Halverson & Smith, 2010)

New Ways of Learning


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