Ethan Orbital-PowerPlant

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Ethan Orbital-PowerPlant

Orbital Power Plant

DescribeAs you might have heard, global warming is taking its toll. One of the causes? Fossil fuels. We are so dependent on fossil fuels that we can’t find a replacement. The alternatives just don’t have that kind of power. Well there’s something that does. The sun puts out more electricity every day than we have used since we invented it. Imagine if we could harness all of that power, to power our cities. You might be thinking, we can already do that. That is true, and not true. The solar panels we use only collect about 15% of that energy. They also are vulnerable to over cast. If we put solar panels in space though, we can harvest 100% of that energy, 24/​7! Some scientists are actually trying to do this. They are planning to put specially designed solar panels to collect and beam down solar energy form space. There would be these gigantic, mile wide receivers on the ground, at least one in every continent, that would collect that energy and convert it into electricity. We could power entire cities in it. It would be an Orbital power plant. There would be no use for fossil fuels because we got something way better!

RevalenceIt is important to understand global warming because it's happening right now. The earth is heating up, some species are going extinct. Scientific expert estimate that 100 years later if our carbon outlet continues at the rate its going, we will have a 3 degree temperature increase. That would cause a massive amount of the glaciers to melt. That would not only cause dramatic flooding. It would also more than 50% of earth's fresh water to go to waste. There are multiple causes. The main reasons is carbon outlet due to our dependence on fossil fuels. This needs to be solved.If it isn't, there will be fatal consequences for everyone. So if we all act now, we can fix it. That is why this is important.

Design BriefOrbital Power PlantP:Fossil fuels are producing to much carbon dioxide.A:The orbital power plant can replace fossil fuels with solar energy.

Design Specifications1. The receiver should be able to collect solar energy beamed down from a satalite.2. The special lense should be able to increase the performance of solar panels.3. The solar panels should be able to collect and transfer solar energy.4. The wires should be able to transfer energy in a zero gravity no air space.5. The metal should be able to resume it's shape in a zero gravity space.

Works CitedDiscovery Channel. "Discovery Project Earth : Discovery Channel." Discovery Channel : Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News. 2010. Web. 16 Dec. 2010. <http:/​/​​tv/​project-earth/​project-earth.html>.

Hypothetical Test1. Beam down an electric charged beam from a solar panel and see if it receives the energy.2. Get 2 solar panels. Put the special lenses on 1 of them and see if the one with the lenses does better.3. Test wether they absorb sunlight by putting them out in the sun.4. Run electricity through them in a vaccum and see if it conducts electricity.5. See if it holds it's shape in a vaccum.



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