[2015] EthanBMMS: Ethan B the watsons go to birmingham

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[2015] EthanBMMS: Ethan B the watsons go to birmingham

BOOKThe Watsons Go To Birminghm

little joeata dosen't want to were a bunch of sweaters and scarfs because she is always sweaty and tired so she go tells momma that she wants to wear one sweater momma says no she dosent want her freazing up .then Joeata go crying to Byron that to tell momma she dosent want to wear all those jackets so byron tells her that garbage trucks arent really garbage trucks they trucks that pick up frozen dead people on the street then joeata stops complaining



byron watson,joeat watson,kenny watson,wilona watson,danieal watson,

watsons house,



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