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Etcher is an open-source bootable USB (and SD card!) maker software, made by, which is now called, an IoT (internet of things, which is a network of physical things that have sensors and software that allows them to connect to the Internet and exchange data with other things) company. Etcher can flash ISO files from operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint to a USB stick or SD card. The software is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. In addition to the regular version, Etcher also has a portable version that can be used without any installation.Once the ISO image has been transferred to a USB stick with Etcher, the operating system can then be started and installed from it. The Etcher software can not only handle bootable ISO files that support BIOS, it is also compatible with the modern UEFI. Therefore, you can use the USB stick created with the Etcher on computers with Windows 10, on which UEFI is usually activated.



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