ETC 585 Global Learning Activity

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ETC 585 Global Learning Activity

~Students will be researching real world problems by researching and forming a stance when it comes to globalization and food. These will presented in a "summit" where views of pro-globalization and anti-globalization will be heard.~Student work will be done in groups, with the option to connect with students across the globe who are participating in the same project. Students will be able to gain the insight and opinions of students.~This will be a concentrated time of 2-3 weeks that will take place at home and school.

Global Learning Activity

ETC 585Allison Haws

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21st Century Schools

What is it?

21st Century Schools is a company that specializes in the 21st century classroom. They provide professional development and curriculum design. The curriculum design area of their site lists projects that teachers and classes can join. Their Food and Culture Project is for all ages and all subjects. Within this project, there are various themes and issues to choose to participate in. This activity comes from the Globalization theme. This activity has students planning and holding a food and globalization summit.



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