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Environmental Studies

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The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in America. Rivers, creeks, and marshes empty into the Bay. It's home to many plants and animals.


They are a barrier between the land and the ocean. Estuaries filter water that runs off the land so that it is cleaner when it returns to the ocean.

Many animals live and eat in estuaries. They are sheltered from the ocean, so animals often reproduce and have their babies there.

Estuaries are wetlands where fresh and salt

water mix together.

Herons, egrets, blue crabs, raccoons, and minnows are just a few animals that depend on estuaries for their survival.

Plants in and around estuaries help prevent erosion. Roots hold the soil together, and the plants can catch loose soil before it goes further.

The Chesapeake Bay has a very large watershed, meaning that many sources of water flow into it from the land. Because of this, many pollutants are entering the Bay, and it affects its quality. Fishers and crabbers depend on the Bay for jobs, so when the wildlife is suffering because of pollution, so are the people.


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