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Social Studies

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Some geographic neighbors of Estonia are, Lativa, Finland, Russia and the Baltic sea. the population is 1,312,300 in 2015 .The capital is Tallinn. An intresting fact about Tallinn is is the home of the very first Christmas tree.

Estonia (Republic of Estonia):)

The major language of this country are Estonian which is similar to Finnish. They also use the Latin alphabet.They arent huge on religion but they did follow the religion, Taara ,before the switched to Christianty.

Estonia has a parlimentary democracy. And the current prime minister Taavi Roivas he is the 17 Prime Minister.

DID YOU KNOW? Estonia has TWO Independence days,it was the first counrty to introduce the online voting system, least religous in the world, And finally there is a average of 100,000 people at a certain youth festival.

Some natural resources of Estonia are, wool products, textiles, food processing, electronics, and chemicals. These are also things they trade often. Some majior cities are of course Tallinn the capital, Tartu, Narva, Parnu, and finally, Kohtla-Jarve thoses are the top 5 today.

Estonia is located in Europe. It is surronded by the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Rigo, the Gulf of Finland, the Narva Bay and many more. Its also locate on the north east hemisphere.

Country Information

Cultural Information

The estonians have a very basic diet. For breakfeast they would have dark rye bread,cheese,pastries,sandwiches, fried potatoes, and porridge with milk or coffee. They eat a heavier meal midday with soup or meat and potatoes and a sweet afterwards. Dinner is usally at 6 which consits of a sandwich and salad, stew,pasta,or soup.

The average estonian family life is small with 1 to 3 children and they also belive that men shouldn't have responsiblites to do with the house. Also adults are expected to take care of thier aging parents and extended family, which is very valued to them.

Some popular pastimes or lesisure activites for estonians are sports, going to the beach or sauna, gardening, or picking wild herbs.Types of entertainment are theatres and television, dancing, collecting, and gardening.

The estonians like jazz,rock and more tradtionally, folk music. They are really in sports. Some liked sports are, basketball, volleyball, sailing,ice fishing, ice skating, cross crountry skiing, swimming, cycling, and backpacking.

To travel to Estonia you should take Aeroflot to the capital Tallin. It would cost $676 for one adult over 12. You would also make one stop

Goverment Information

Travel Information

If you were to travel to Estonia you would want to check the validation of your passport and if you were a US citizen staying there for more than 90 days, than you would need a visa.

If you go to Estonia you should visit, the Kadriorg Palace- Kadriord art musem, Seaplane Harbour, Estonian Maritime Museum, and finally the Tallinn TV Tower.

the most important thing to remeber about Estonia is that the baltic sea is next to Estonia so bring some waterproof stuff in the spring. It takes total conrtrol over the weather. But rember what you've learned and have fun! :)

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They Kadriorg palace. Click the link to see a few other attractions.

The estonian choir preforms at 4th IMC World Forum in tradtional dresses. Click the link to learn more.

Estonia is almost a peninsula so water has become a big part of their lives.

Click the link to go to the most useful website i found,

The 2015 prime minister, Taavi RoivasClick the link to read up about him.


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