Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate

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Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate

Self-Contoll at all times in the classroom. We cannot demand the respect from our students if we don't maintain self-control and control in the classroom.

Control in the Classroom

There's a saying that most people use when talking about respect. "You earn respect". I disagree strongly, if this was truely the case it would be a rough life. Respect is given and you can lose it. Here's my point. We need to show our students respect and make them feel important and valuable. But how? Keep reading.

How do we build a strong positive Classroom? This report will show you elements that are a key factor in keeping control in a positve way in your classroom. An out of control classroom will diminish confidence in the student and his/her learning abilities. We as teachers need to keep control of the classrooms so every student has a chance to be the best they can be.

Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate

All students are equal when it comes to showing them respect. Color, shape, grades, height, looks shouldn't play a role. Treat with respect to recieve respect. But this isnt enough! How do we gain control and respect? Keep reading.

Be happy when we teach! The students will feed off or our attitudes so we need to set the tone of the classroom. Leave the negitive personal issues at home.

Funny..........but not really. An out of controll class isn't learning anything good.

As teachers we much be aware of our students well-being. Bullying of anykind can breakdown a student and ultimatly breakdown a Positive classroom inviroment.

A positive Classroom Inviroment is hinged on keeping control of the classroom. From the first day of class the students need to see that we are in control and can maintian control. We cannot expect to gain control after a few days or weeks. Student thrive in a controlled inviroment and anything or anybody that threatens this posititve inviroment needs to be removed swiftly and dealt with. Consistancy will be our best tool........use it.

A great way to assure a postive Classroom is to empower the students, get them involved and make them feel they are important to their own learning and others.

In Conclusion: Buidling a positve inviroment really is determined on how well the teacher manages the classroom. Rules from the beginning, consistancy, a fun inviroment, our own attitudes, being aware of others and how they are feeling, getting involved in their personal lives and showing interests, getting them involved and most important, showing that you care.


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