Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising By: Pam Munzo Ryan

The Plot Summary

Esperanza, a wealthy child who lives in Mexico, loses her father to robbers, her home to a fire, and her happiness. She goes to California with her mother and servants from Esperanza's home in Mexico to find work. Her goal is to bring her grandmother, Abuelita, to America without her uncle finding out. Experanza finds that life in the harsh conditions of the Great Depression isn't as bad as it seems. She learns that she can take what she's given and make the best of it.

A book about love, friendship, and restarting life that will intrigue anyone.

Miguel brings Abuelita to America for Esperanza.

1. Esperanza loses her father when he is attacked by robbers. 2. Esperanza's mother has the choice to marry Tio Luis or go to America to find work. 3. Their house burns down so they are forced to leave for America. Without Abuelita. 4. Esperanza arrives in America and lives in a camp. 5. Esperanza attempts to make money to bring Abuelita to America.

Events Leading Up to the Climax


A Few Quotes

"Wait a little while and the fruit will fall into your hand." - Esperanza's father tells her this at the beginning of the story. This phrase means that patience and hard work will pay off in the end. Mountains and Valleys- This was displayed by Abuelita teaching a mountains and valley crochet pattern. Esperanza thinks on it and connects it to her life.

A Little More About the Book

Published in 2000. Set in the 1930's in Aguascalientes, Mexico on a ranch. During the time of the Great Depression. California was also a setting for most of the rest of the story. Has recieved many awards including The Pura Belpre Award, Smithsonian Best Books 2000, L.A. Times Books of 2000, and many more.

The Climax

Esperanza- a 13-year-old Mexican girl who lives on a ranch in Mexico. Ramona- Esperanza's mother. Becomes ill in America and has a rough time recovering. Abuelita- Esperanza's grandmother. Doesn't make the first trip to America because of her ankle. Sixto- Esperanza's father. Killed by robbers.Miguel-Servant of Experanza's family. Hortensia- Miguel's mother and servant of Esperanza's family. Alfonso- Miguel's father and servant of Esperanza's family. Marisol-Esperanza's best friend in Mexico Juan and Josephina- relatives of Hortensa and Alfonso in California. Isabel- Juan and Josephina's 8-year-old daughterPepe and Lupe- twin babies of Juan and Josephina Marta- a girl who isn't very nice to Esperanza at first. she leads the strikes.

Meeting the Characters

We are like the pheonix...Rising again, with a new life ahead of us. -Abuelita pg. 50

The rich take care of the rich and the poor take care of those who have less than they have. -Miguel pg. 79

Do not ever be afraid to start over. -Esperanza pg. 253

In Mexico we stand on different sides of the river. -Miguel pg. 37


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