Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising

Author: Pam Munoz Ryan

Title: Esperanza Rising

Main EventsEsperanza's father killed by thievesRanch burning in fire set by Tio LuisMama and Esperanza escape to CaliforniaMama gets sick so Esperanza must workAbuelita arrives via Miguel as a surprise

SettingsThe story begins on a ranch in Mexico then moves to a labor camp in California. They occassionally travel out of the labor camp for parties, errands, or to work in fields.

Main CharactersEsperanza Abuelita MamaPapaMiguel Tio Luis

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Esperanza's rich uncle takes over their ranch after her father dies tragically, and tries to force Mama to marry him. Esperanza does not like her uncle and does not want her mother to marry him. The only solution to this problem is for Mama, Esperanza, and Abuelita to escape to California as poor refugees and work on a labor camp. This means Esperanza must give up her life on the Mexico ranch: all her friends, toys, servants, and fancy clothes. What will her decision be?

Esperanza and her mother leave the ranch under cover of night and escape to California. Esperanza learns the important lesson that she must value her family instead of her things. She becomes content living in California when she discovers how rich she truly is: her family, new friends, fulfillment through making a living, and that her Papa is watching out for her.

I thought the book taught a lesson about how we need to remember that our family and friends are more important than treasures. I enjoyed the story because it was an adventure about family with suspense and I was able to get an insightful character's point of view.

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