Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising

Set in post-Revolutionary Mexico in Aguascalientes, Mexico and Arvin, California, during the time of the Great Depression, of the 1930s. The Great Depression was a period of severe, worldwide economic downfall. It lasted for about ten years, from 1929 to 1939. Esperanza Rising Webquest


Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan

Names: Cynthia Fowler, Melissa Gonzales, Pricilla Stevens Date: Fall 2014

●The bandits kill Esperanza's Father.● Tio Luis burns down Esperanza's house.● Esperanza, her mother, and their servants move to California.● Esperanza's family gets a job in a worker's camp.● A sandstorm hits California.● Esperanza's mother gets pneumonia.● Abuelita arrives in California.● Esperanza's mother gets out of the hospital.

Major Characters - Esperanza Ortega- MiguelMinor Characters - Ramona Ortega and Sixto Ortega - Abuelita - Marisol Rodriguez - Alfonso and Hortensia - Tío Luis and Tío Marco - Juan and Josafina - Isabel - Pepe and Lupe - Marta Esperana Rising Goes Digital- Character Change Project!


Title: Esperanza Rising.



Esperanza Ortega was a wealthy girl who has lived her entire life on her parent’s beautiful ranch in Mexico had a loving mother and father. But one day, things take a sudden turn for the worse when her father and some of his men are mysteriously killed by bandits. Esperanza, her mother, and their servants must then flee to California. Esperanza must learn how to live as a poor farm worker. The story examines the plight of the Mexican farm workers as they struggle to adapt and survive in the United States.

Aquel que hoy se cae, se levantará mañana. He who falls today may rise tomorrow. - Mexican Proverb

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The outcome occurs a full year after the tragedy of her father’s death. Esperanza and Miguel go to the foothills and she is able to hear the earth’s heartbeat again. Esperanza realizes that there is some reason to hope in this new land. Soon after, on her fourteenth birthday Esperanza is grateful for everything she has, even though she has none of the material goods she had the year before. Esperanza has learned how to be rich in being poor.

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