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Esperanza Rising - ECE 3313

1804 became a sub-delegation of Zacatecas In 1935 Zacatecas revolted against the central government and as a punishment he declared Agueascalientes to be an independed territoryImportant role in the Mexican Revolution: Villa, Zapata, Carranze (revolutionary leaders): met at the convention of AguascalientesOne of the smallest Mexican statesAgriculture, food processing, textiles

Mexican Revolution20th Century's first modern social revolution, destined to change Mexico's society and economyThe revolution created turmoil for the South. The only choices for Mexicans were to fight or leave the country. Many chose to immigrate to the U.S.1910-1920 Mexican immigrants flooded the U.S. for refugeGoal: Liberal Government: equal opportunity and equality for all!U.S. Intervention: 1914Seize Vera Cruz (Shipment from Germany to Mexico - armed)American Marines and 193 Mexicans died in the battleMexico broke the diplomatic relations with the U.S.Children insurgents - spies that got mexico behind enemy lines; children soldiersConstitution of 1917: 8 hour word day, minimum wage, annual vacation (15 days), right to strike, and abolish child laborLand redistribution, Congress had power to issue laws that would break up large estates and confiscate landForeigners could not own property on the frontier between the U.S. and MexicoMade primary education in secular schools compulsory!

Fiesta: A party or dinner celebrationQuinceaneras: A big birthday celebration when a girl turns 15Mi neita: GranddaughterAbuelita: GrandmotherCompanero: Companion, close friendMi reina: My queenTio: UncleSenor: SirSenora: Ma'amMija: my daughterGracias: thank youDe nada: you're welcome

Esperanza RisingBy: Pam Munoz Ryan


Esperanza Ortega


Video Introduction

Thirteen-year-old Esperanza is the main character and protagonist of this story. She has lived her entire life on her parent’s beautiful ranch in Mexico. When her father is killed, Esperanza, her mother, and their servants flee to California. Esperanza must learn how to live as a poor farm worker.


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