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According to the Spanish Constitution, Spanish or Castilian is the official language of the state and all Spaniards have the duty to know and the right to use it. In 2006, she was the mother tongue of 89% of the Spanish. Other languages, Spanish also are recognized as co-official in various regions, according to the statutes of autonomy.


This is the main site!

This is the traditional dress!

This is what the local food looks like.

Many are the typical traditions of Spain, although not all are as well known as flamenco and bullfighting. Spain is a country of traditions rooted in their villages. Its inhabitants are loyal to the traditions that are transmitted from generation to generation, with celebrations and events that have hundreds of years of history.

Map of the region

This is the local map!

You can visit "El Barrio Gotico" barcelona ... "El Barrio Gotico" is the oldest part of the city and its historic center. The Roman decumanus cardus and shafts are complex historical neighborhood in the highest part, the old Monte Taber (St. James Square).

The exact historical moment in which reference to Spain is for the first time is not clearly defined, there exist written in the sixth century in which the word Spain.

The cuisine of Spain is a diverse way of preparing dishes, which is enriched by the contributions of the various regions that make up the country.


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