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Capital: MadridSpain is located in Europe boardering France and Portugal

The climate of Spain varies across the country, but Spain is overall pretty warm in the summer. In the winter it is usually cold, except for the oceanic climate which has mild winters.

Spain has a population of over 47 million people. The population is made up of different ethnic groups, such as the Castilian Spainish people

These are all the different languages that in Spain( not including Spanish) : Aranese, Gascon, Basque, Catalan, Aragon, Galician

Spain, like many other counties has adopted the Euro for it's national currency

Sports: football, tenis, basket ball skiing, and Formula One racing

One Dollar = .74 Euros

Spanish Customs: Running with the bulls, Flamenco, and most are Roman Catholics

Spain has many different types of cuisine, which are based on the varities of cultures. For the most part they are heavily influenced by seafood

Both Spanish art and music has played a huge part in the development in Western art and music. Just like other things in Spain it differs from culture to culture.

Famous Spanish Artists/ Musicians: Picasso's Goya, Romero, and The Canary Islands


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