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Q: What does ESL stand for?A: ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other LanguagesQ:Are the ESL lessons conducted in Spanish or any other languages?A: No, all ESL lessons are conducted in English.

Mrs. Gros, Mrs. Costello & Mrs. Skinner

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Q: How did my child qualify for this program?A: At the time of enrollment, documentation provided by the students' parents indicated that the child listens and speaks a language other than English. State guidelines require districts to test and rate the child's Engilsh language proficiency level. The child's rating determines eligibility.

Q: What are the possible levels?A: Children are either rated NES (Non-English Speaker), LES (Limited English Speaker), or FES (Fluent English Speaker. Q: WHo is considered a teacher of record?A: A homeroom teacher who has an ESOL certification is called the teacher of record.

Frequently Asked Questions

They also provide assditance with GLAD (Guided Language Acquistion Design) in a push-in and pull-out setting.

The ESL teacher is an instructional support specialty teacher that collaborates and plans with the classroom teacher. They provide assistance with Guided Reading and Math small group indtruction.

What is an ESL ISST?




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