ESI: Horse Slaughter

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ESI: Horse Slaughter

1) Each year, tens of thousands of American horses are inhumanely transported and slaughtered, their meat shipped off to places like France and Japan for human consumption 2) In 2010, 138,000 horses were shipped off for slaughter3)Slaughter is a inhumane and terrifying end for horses. Horses are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food, water, or rest in crowded trucks. They are often seriously injured or killed in transit.

Horse Slaughter

4) Consuming horse meat is very dangerous. Unlike pigs or chickens, horses aren't raised for slaughter in the US. Over their lifetimes they are repeatedly given drugs that can be toxic to humans when injested.5) In 2006 the Kill Pens in the US killed and processed over 90,000 horses for human consumption.

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5 Economic Terms Applied:Scarcity-The fact that human wants exceed the means of satisfying them- I think that with the issue of horse slaughter, everyone wants money and the people who are in charge of the plants that make our meat are pretty much willing to do anything to get the money that they want.Opportunity Cost-The best alternative sacrificed to have or to do something else- Within the U.S we have thousands of unwanted horses because people don't have enough money to keep them or, if the horse is older, don't have the heart to euthanize them Instead oftrying to sell them or put them to a peaceful rest, the unwanted horses get sent to kill pens where they are tortured and then killed inhumanely.Production-The creation of value in tangible and intangible goods and services- Horse meat would the product for the people who are slaughtering the horses.Consumption-Spending to acquire consumer goods and services, or using up those goods and services to satisfy wants- In order to transport the horses for slaughter the people who transport the horses would have to spend money on gas for their trucks so they can take the horses to the kill pensInterdependance- Two or more entities (such as people, businesses, or countries) relying on, helping out, or needing each other to operate more successfully- I think that the kill buyers and the actual kill pen would have a relationship because without the kill buyers the kill pens wouldn't have any horses to be slaughtered.

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