Escondidinho Potato Receip/gabi

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Escondidinho Potato Receip/gabi

Escondidinho Potato Recipe!

Escondidinho Potato Recipe!

INGREDIENTSMashed:1 kg potatoes1 cup milk1 teaspoon salt shallow1 tablespoon butterFilling:1 package beef jerky1 tablespoon oil2 tablespoon butter2 chopped tomatoes1 chopped onionOlive to tastePepper of your choice200 g of catipiry or creamy curd50 g grated Parmesan cheese

PREPARATIONMashed:Cook the unpeeled potatoes in pressure, then Peel and squeeze, light the fire in a saucepan with the milk, salt and butter and stir to incorporateTurn off the heat and set aside

Mounting:Line the bottom of a heatproof with meat, over spread the catupiry, cover everything with the mashed potatoes and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top, bake Brown and serve with white rice and salad

Filling:Dessalgue the beef jerky ferventando 3 times, change the waterThen put on pressure for 20 minutes, so she is soft and can be shreddedIn a pan put oil and butter, melt and add the shredded beef, give a sautéed and add the tomatoes, onions, olives and pepper, has no need to add salt because the flesh always remains with a little salt, but try if you wantWhen well Braised unplug the fire


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