[2015] Hannah Stocks (Keller, Cleary): Escherichiacoli

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[2015] Hannah Stocks (Keller, Cleary): Escherichiacoli

Signs and Symptoms•Abdominal cramping•Sudden, severe diarrhea•Gas•Loss of appetite/nausea•Vomiting•Fatigue•Fever

How to Prevent•Practice personal hygiene. •Be sure to clean and sanitize all imported and domestic fruits or vegetables.•If possible, fruits should be skinned, or at least scrubbed and/or washed.•Be careful to avoid cross contamination when preparing and cooking food, especially if beef is being served.•Avoid eating high-risk foods, especially undercooked ground beef, raw milk or juice, soft cheeses made from raw milk, or alfalfa sprouts.•Use a food thermometer to make sure that ground beef has reached a safe internal temperature of 160° F.•Wash hands before preparing food, after diapering infants, and after contact with cows, sheep, or goats, their food or treats, or their living environment.

Food Sources•Undercooked ground beef•Raw milk and juice•Soft cheeses made from raw milk•Raw fruits and vegetables •Contaminated water

E. Coli

Endy D, Tania F, Laila C, Hannah S, David C


Statistics•During 2013, 143 culture-confirmed cases of Escherichia coli O157 infection were reported. This represents an 8% increase from the median number of cases reported annually from 2003 to 2012.•During 2013, 64 (45%) cases occurred in the metropolitan area.•One hundred seven (75%) cases occurred during May through October.•The median age of the cases was 16 years (range, 9 months to 82 years).•Twenty-seven percent of the cases were 4 years of age or younger.•Fifty (35%) cases were hospitalized; the median hospital stay was 4 days (range, 1 to 31 days). No cases died.


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