Escaping the Holocaust

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Escaping the Holocaust

Escaping the Holocaust

Julian, a boy who helps his mother cross the border. Friends think his mother is crazy because of her idea but, she is a sweet mom to Julian. Kiki, Julian's beloved nanny. Mr. Lupiki, a kinda crazy man that pulls coins out of people's ears and helps Julian and his mother with transportation.

Julian Padowicz is a young boy that lives with his mother and a nanny named Kiki. Everything is happy for them until Adolf Hittler and his Nazis come and invade Warsaw, Poland. Kiki leaves shortly after the Nazis invade and goes to her people. Julian and his mom are Jewish and Adolf doesn't like Jewish people. Julian's mother plans a risky escape to disguise as pheasants and cross the border into Hungary where they will be safe from the Nazis. Even though they get a lot of don't do its they still push on and do it anyway.

By: Emily Mullin


What happened first

Julian and his mother cross the border. (They are the first mother and child to take that route.) Together they build a new life in Hungary.

Adolf Hittler invades Warsaw, Poland where Julian and his mom live. His mother gets a crazy idea to cross the border into Hungary where they will be safe from the Nazis. Escaping Warsaw is hard for a mother and a child, since no one has ever tried the route they are taking. Despite the dangers, they find a way to do it. If you want to read about their adventure, read the book.


How did the story end?

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