Escape Under the Forever Sky

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Escape Under the Forever Sky

Escape Under the Forever Sky

What is the job of an ambassador?

Author: Eve Yohalem

By : Amelia

Patricia M. Haslach is the ambassador from America to Ethiopia.The job of an ambassador is to have conversations and debates with kings, presidents, or head of states from other countries. Ambassadors have to work out differences with other countries. Patricia started her job as an ambassador in August of 2013. She also speaks fluent French, Italian, and Indonesian. An ambassador is also the highest ranking of representitives.

Ethiopia is a small country that borders Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. The average age that people live to in Ethiopia is early to mid 60's.This country has a few common natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, and volcano activity.

Lucy Hoffman is a 13 year old girl whomoved all the way across the world from Bethesda, Maryland to Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. Lucy lives in an American embassy compound, which is a very safe place for people like her and her mom. One day she gets kidnapped. But she escapes and has to forage for food and some kind of shelter to survive the brutal Ethiopian night. Luckily she has a stream near by that will fulfill her need for water.On her way to the stream she comes across two Oromo girls, Didessa and Dilla, who bring Lucy to their village and get her back to safety.

Ethiopian Flag

The meaning of this quote is that Iskinder, a man who takes care of Lucy, makes her a tray of grilled cheese and he has a secret ingredient but won't tell her what it is. pg.14

"Life is richer with a little mystery".


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