Escape to the Forest

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Escape to the Forest

A girl named sarh lives in a town that was tooken by russins then germany people called Nazis. everyone in the towns were jews. First The Nazis bombed the town then they forced the rest of the jews into Gettos but some jews escaped.The jews that escaped eventually forms a camp in which hundreds of jews escape from the gettos into.

ResearchDuring WWII the Nazis formed a trashed setelment for the Jews to live in called Ghettos. During The Holo- caust 6 million jews where killed when there were only 9 million in Europe.The Nazis made killing center so that they could mass murder jews with poison gas or guns.

Escape to the Forest

Book By:Ruth Yaffe Radin

Hitler beacomes chancellor of germanyJanuary 30, 1933

December 7, 1941

September1, 1939The Holocaust

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Japan surendersSeptember2, 1945

Holocaust story

ProblemThe Nazis Were Up to no good. They were harassing the town of Lida.

solutionHundreds of Jews escaped to a big camp in the forest (with the guidence of Yuvia Beilski)into safty

SettingThe story takes place Fall 1939,WWII at Lida Poland,and Nalikbocka Forest.CharecterSarah is a girl thats a jew,who's town gets bombed so she is forced to live in gettos. She wants to escape to the forest .Tuvia Bielski is a man that is only in the story a little but there are talks about him althrough out the book.He is the leader of the camp.

When life gets hard don't stop having faith because it will get better.

Japan bombspearl harborDecember 7, 1941

May8, 1945Hitler and the nazis surenders

Sarah's piont of veiw Through 1st person

ResearchThe word holocaust comes from greek (Holo meaning whole)and(kaustos meaning burned)The WWII started in september 1, 1939 when he took poland by force after taking Austria and czechoslovakia peacfully.December 7,1941 japan attcaks americas naval base of peal harbor causing the U.S join in WWII.


Pearl Harbor


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