Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

The day arrived for the library lock-in. Kyle was glad that his two friends Miguel and Akimi (along with 9 other twelve year olds) were going to be there. The library took up a long city block. Instead the windows, there were large books where the window might have been. The entrance was an old vault door from the bank that once sat on this property. Inside the library, were several rooms with books from floor to ceiling. Armed with their library cards, the students entered the Children's Enrichment room to hear the evening's itinerary. The first task was a game to see who would be sleeping in Mr. Lemoncello's private suite. Charles won. The second was to see who would be granted early access to the Electronic Learning Center. Kyle and Akimi joined up as a team and won that. All the students were allowed to explore the library. During the evening the students watched an IMAX movie and played games until they were al called to bed.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library takes place in the new Alexanderiaville's Public Library. Kyle Keely loves to play games, Mr. Lemoncello's games to be exact. He and his family are forever playing his games. When Kyle found out Mr. Lemoncello donated five million dollars to build the library, he knew he had to go to the opening. He quickly wrote his essay but was too late. Even though he left like he was given a "Go Back 500 Spaces" card, he find another way. He spent the whole evening after school looking for Luigi Lemoncello's email address to email his essay. But that was to no avail for he immediately got a response back that' "this was a no-reply email address." Feeling defeated, he went to school the next day to cheer on his friends Miguel and Akimi, to his surprise, Mr. Lemoncello received his essay and he was one of the twelve students getting to stay the night in the NEW Alexanderiaville Public Library.

By: Chris Grabenstein

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library




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- If Willy Wonka was a Librarian!

My Review

If Willy Wonka worked in a library, he would be Mr. Lemoncello! His character is quirky but fun. The story engages the reader in the first chapter and keeps them entertained through out the story. The readers can read the clues and try to decipher the puzzle themselves. A must read for any 5th grader!

In the morning, the students ate breakfast and met in the Rotunda Reading Room. There, Mr. Lemoncello gave them an opportunity to stay another night and play the game, "Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library". All but two of the children stayed. The object of the game to was to escape the library using only the resources in the library (couldn't use the front door or fire exits). Immediately the students began searching for clues. Kyle and Akimi continued to be partners and were joined by several other students. The children used the Dewey Decimal System to find books. Inside the books were clues. The clues put together formed a pictogram puzzle on how to escape the library. Occasionally, Mr, Lemoncello would give riddles for the player to solve. If they successfully answered the puzzle, they got the clue. If they did not, they immediately had to leave the library. By the end of the game, Kyle and his four teammates prevailed by fairly solving the library puzzle. They were successful in escaping the library and became the spokesmen for Mr. Lemoncello. Athough the prize was great, the lessons they learned in the library are life changing.


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