Escape From Camp 14

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Escape From Camp 14

Camp 14 is twice as long as the Soviet Gulag, and about twelve times longer than the Nazi concentration camps. South Korean government estimates there are about one hundred fifty-four thousand prisoners in the camp.

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North Korea Leader Kim Jung-Un

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Escape From Camp 14

By Blaine Harden

His Childhood

North Korea


U.S.A., South Korea

Shin Dong Hyuk He escaped from a prison camp in North Korea, and he believes that he is the only prison-breaker who has been born in the gulags.

Camp 14

On January 2, 2005. Shin decided to escape with Park. At the electric fence, Park went through first, but the high voltage of fence killed him. Shin managed to pass over the fence using Park's body. But he suffered severe burns at his legs, because he tripped the wire when he through the fence.

Shin later moved to southern California, changing his name from Shin In-geun to Shin Dong-hyuk, and worked for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) But he returned back to South Korea. Because he did not want to work in United State, and he thinks that is not what he wanted. He had a girl friend but they broke up, because of his obsession

He is working as a human rights activists, because he knows how hard it is to live in North Korea and prisoner-camp. After he returned to South Korea, he is doing campaigns for the eradication of the North Korean prison camps. He is trying to communicate with people who do not know about the reality of North Korea and political camps as best as he can.

Shin was arrested and guards tortured him for four days to get more information, believing him to be part of the plan to escape that his mother and brother had tried.

Satellite Photo of camp 14

Escape to Outside of Camp

He acrossed the border between North Korea and China at winter of 2005. He passed the border guards by giving cigarettes and food.

Escape to China

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The government system is a Communist stateone-man dictatorship. The chief of state is the President and the head of state is the Premier. North Korea has a command economy in which the central government directs the economy regarding the production and distribution of goods.

The North Korean government regards a political prisoner as an enemy and slave, and concentration camps in North Korea are considered enemy-controlled areas. The prisoners will never leave the camp; not even when they die.

Satellite Photo of inside of camp 14

He was born in Camp 14 in 1982, named 'Shin In Geun'. He never believed people, even his family. He got arrested for snitching the escape plans of his mom and brother

His middle finger was cut off by his supervisor as punishment for accidentally breaking a sewing machine

Shin in North Korea He wandered cities of North Korea to get foods and rest. He stole foods and clothes from empty houses, and sold them to get money

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