Escape from Big Muddy

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Escape from Big Muddy


CharactersLiz the detectorLiz's AuntiCandy, the Bikers leaderTurantula, one of the BikersTeresa, got kiddnapped from the BikersArrow,Teresa's husbandMari,Teresa's daughterSetting was in Saskatchewan

Escape from the Big Muddy

Character and setting

What happened first

Liz and her Aunti met a guy named Billy Bones and they realized that he had a book named Secret of Happiness and he was chased by bikers. Then Liz and her Aunti realized that there was a disc inside the book. So then they watched the disc and it showed where a Secret Egyptian Cat was.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

So Liz and her Aunti travelled through Saskatchewan to find a Secret Egyptian Cat before the Bikers found it.

Liz and her a Aunti have the Cat and they get rewarded by the owner of the Cat. And they live happly ever after.


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